Selfie Olympics

For the millions and millions of you who aren't talented enough to get into the actual Olympics, the Internet has created something you can excel at. Now go tell your parents that you are special, because you are about to compete in the…wait for it…Selfie Olympics!

Yes, the Selfie Olympics are a thing, and social media is having a field day. Wait, what's bigger than a field? An acre? Well then the Internet is having an acre day with this because people's submissions for the Selfie Olypics are all over Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

All you need is a smart phone and a mirror and you're more than ready to compete. Of course, if you expect to win, you better get damn creative. Some people contort their bodies into ridiculous positions, while others are using an exorbitant amount of props to up their selfie game. We're not 100 percent sure if there is an official Twitter for the Selfie Olypics, but you can check out these two twitters (OlympicSelfie and SelfyGames) for most of the photos.

Do you have what it takes? Check out some of the "athletes" and their selfies below, and then get to work on creating your own creation to take home the gold! Silver is for suckers. And bronze? Psh. Bronze is barely a metal. 

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