Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

Ready to get your nails red carpet ready this year?

Spruce them up with a splash of white—the trendiest manicure color of 2014, according to celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik.

The famed nail guru gave us his tips on how to rock the color, even letting us in on how to spruce it up with an unlikely pattern, adding texture and dimension with lace at the top.

According to Bachik, we'll be seeing the trendy color everywhere this year, in architecture, on the runway and of course on nails.

"White looks great and can be worn on nails all year round," he told E! News. "It's fresh and young yet edgy and chic."

Check out Bachik's steps on how to create the perfect white/lace nail combo!

Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

1. First, choose lace that isn't too thick or has detail that's too tight, he says. That way, you can see when the fabric is cut into small pieces. Also, make sure you have a good 6 to 12 inches of lace so there's plenty of pattern for all 10 nails. When it comes to the color for the lace, Bachik recommends using black, adding that black lace shows best and gives a white mani an edgy punk couture look.

2. Next, cut the lace pattern in the shapes you desire for each nail. While you can use lace on the whole nail or just over parts of the nail, Bachik prefers to cover just parts of the nail for "a more simple look with an twist."

3. Manicure your nails to the desired length and shape. The white/lace look "is a bit abstract so it looks great on any length," he continued.

4. Next, polish your nails with a base coat, painting on two coats of color. Then, let it dry. "White is perfect for a base color as it creates great contrast with the lace and allows it to really show," Bachik added.

Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

5. The next step is to create the look on one nail at a time. Start with one nail and apply a thick top coat. While the nails are still wet, apply the piece of lace you cut for that nail into the top coat. 

6. Then do the same to the other nine.

7. Next, apply a thick top coat over the lace to seal and protect your design. If the lace is thick, two coats of the polish may be needed.

8. Finish with cuticle oil to rehydrate cuticles and moisturize skin.

And viola! You're all set to take your white-lace mani out on the town.

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