Audrina Patridge Admits Some of The Hills Was Fake: Producers Wouldn't Let Me Leave Until I Fought With Kristin Cavallari

"In the beginning, a lot of it was real. As it went on, it was very manipulated and guided," the reality star tells E! News

By Bruna Nessif Jan 04, 2014 4:01 AMTags

Wait, so reality TV isn't always real?!

Reality star Audrina Patridge stopped by E! News tonight to chat with Giuliana Rancic and Ali Fedotowsky, and the trio began talking about a number of topics, including Audrina's former costar Kristin Cavallari saying The Hills had its fake moments. Was Patridge part of that, too?

"In the beginning, a lot of it was real. As it went on, it was very manipulated and guided and you're kinda put in these scenarios where you would show up and you didn't know what you were in for until you were there, and you wanted to run out but they lock the door on you," she said, and even gave one specific example involving Cavallari.

"I actually had to leave early for another event, we were there for about three hours and they were like, 'You can't leave until you and Kristin get into a fight.' So I'm like, 'Oh my God, Kristin!' Kristin's like, 'Let's do it.' I'm like, 'OK, c'mon.' It was about Justin [Bobby] and we did it and we got to leave. So, little things like that," Patridge added.

Cavallari appeared on the Friday, Dec. 20, episode of Bethenny, where she once again claimed that many scenes from Laguna Beach and The Hills were, at the very least, semi-scripted.

"I faked relationships, faked fights. I don't care anymore—I can tell you. At this point, it's been so many years," said Cavallari, who starred on Laguna Beach for two seasons from 2004 to 2005 and joined The Hills midway through its fifth season in 2009. The spinoff series ended after six seasons in 2010.

"Laguna Beach, they really just manipulated situations and put us in situations that we normally wouldn't have been in, or we'd have to film something that maybe happened a month ago or hasn't happened yet—stuff like that," Cavallari revealed. "When I decided to join The Hills, I knew exactly what I was getting into, I knew exactly the character they wanted me to be, so I said, 'Listen, I'm game. What do you want me to do?'"

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(Originally published Jan. 3, 2014, at 7:14 p.m. PT)

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