Amanda Seyfried, The Soteria Method


You don't wanna mess with Amanda Seyfried.

The 28-year-old actress released a video showing off her butt-kicking skills after taking self-defense classes with Avital Zeisler, who created the Soteria Method.

Seyfried, who has been practicing the Soteria Method for four months now, explains that the moves are designed for females, adding, "It doesn't matter how big you are, how strong you are, what your fitness level is. You just need to outsmart the attacker."

She continues, "When I started learning this method I became addicted to it because it's so simple...It makes you feel really empowered. It makes you feel strong."

"I have this confidence that I don't feel I ever had...this is so much more than self defense," Seyfried says, adding that the method was designed by Zeisler after surviving a sexual assault, both mentally and physically.

When she's not learning how to protect herself against potential attackers, Seyfried is enjoying the immense love from her loyal fans. The star touched down at Incheon International Airport in South Korea on Tuesday, Dec. 3, her birthday, with beau Justin Long and was greeted by about 150 young people who welcomed her with a birthday song.

Seyfried was also handed a variety of gifts, including flowers and a large card with a hand-drawn picture of what looked like Seyfried and her dog.

So sweet!

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