Russell Brand

It boggles the mind that some mere audience member would even entertain the idea that he could get the better of Russell Brand mid-performance.

Silly heckler.

The British comedian recently turned the tables on a guy who yelled out "Ghandi was a c--t" during one of Brand's stand-up shows.

Right," Brand took notice, smiling devilishly. "What I've got here is a person who's under the mistaken belief that they're funny."

That got a big laugh, but Brand was only getting warmed up.

"I'm talking about you," he continued, pointing in the offender's direction. "I know what it's like, 'cause you've had some alcohol...and you've got that voice in your mind and it's telling you you can do anything.

"You can't! The voice is lying! There is another voice inside you, and if there isn't one inside you there's one outside you telling you to shut the f--k up!"

That, of course, earned the biggest round of applause yet.

"Right, OK, we're moving on, but this is phase two we're moving onto now," Brand continued to feed the beast. "That was phase one, diplomacy."

The following clip contains strong language some may find offensive.

"Why are you in this space, fellow human?" Brand inquired.

And the guy actually replied, "Listening to you and enjoying it, thank you, you just informed me..."

"All right, darling, no more talking 'cause I recognize this," Brand cut him off, pressing his hand to his heart in feigned sympathy. "I recognize this problem. I've not had a life free from difficulties of a psychological nature. Therefore it's my duty to be patient with you, I can hear in the tenor, in the cadence of your voice that you're not a bad person—but this thing here, I'm at work."

"This is not a conversation dynamic, honest," he added as the laughter subsided. And then he hammered his point, er, home.

"So from now on, look—after the show we'll meet each other, and I think we're going to have a lot in common—and we're going to get on fine," Brand concluded, giggling a bit. "But from now on, [if] you're thinking 'I'm going to shout something out,' what you should do is write it down on a little bit of paper and then push that paper into your a--hole."


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