Hercules Storm, New York

Allison Joyce/Getty Images

The first big snow storm of the year has arrived. And its name is Hercules. 

The winter storm has descended on the East Coast and is expected to hit parts of the Midwest as it continues through the weekend. New England has already been pounded with snow, with over 20 inches in Massachusetts alone.

Flights have been cancelled. Schools are shut down. People have been sent home from work. What's there left to do now but bitch about the weather on the Internet, from the safety of your own home?

We'll start...

It's beautiful and sunny in Los Angeles! 

But I, John Boone, am not in L.A. currently. I‘m working remotely from Naperville, Ill., a suburb about 45-minutes outside of Chicago. This is a screen grab of the Weather app I took last night:

Naperville, Weather, iPhone

-2 degrees!

Which isn't so bad compared to the coming cold: -17 degrees?! That is just too damn cold. How is anyone supposed to survive in that?! And the updated weather shows -18 on Sunday and -17 on Monday.

Plus, the snow. It's so beautiful! I hate it so much!

But what's the weather like where you are?

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