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Two women ended 2013 with a pretty spectacular memory.

Constance Anne Anast, an Executive Director at Transgender Education Advocates, was joined by her partner, Lindi Marie Inman, for an outing at Bar X in Salt Lake City, Utah, to celebrate the Supreme Court overturning a ban against same-sex marriage, when the pair decided to tie the knot right there and then!

What's even better? Modern Family actor Ty Burrell was their witness! The star, who co-owns the bar, was present on Dec. 27 when the festivities went down. A source tells E! News, "Everyone was having a great time. The lawyers who were involved in the decision were at the bar and many others came to celebrate."

They added, "Ty was hanging out and the woman just came up to him and asked him to be her witness and he agreed. They chatted for a bit afterward. Everyone was just really happy and excited and the next thing I heard was someone just got married!"

Anast shared the photo of her and Burrell on the Tie the Knot (celebration of marriage equality) Facebook page, "Wonderful night for a wedding! Thanks for hosting us and thanks Ty Burrell for being one of our witnesses!"

She also wrote on her personal page, "Dude. Seriously. Ty Burrell was a witness? Michael Picardi and Bob Henline, too? And Dan Ellis performed the ceremony? In a bar? Best. Lesbian. Wedding. Ever."


—Reporting by Sara Kitnick

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