Miley Cyrus, Beyonce

Miley Cyrus fully understands that Beyoncé is irreplaceable.

But a fake, egotistical-sounding interview hit the web Jan. 2 that claimed the 21-year-old "Adore You" singer said 32-year-old Bey's pregnancy and "all the crap it does to your body" made her less popular. Miley, who was apparently falsely quoted as saying she had "the curves, the rhythm and the voice" to fill the "void" left by Bey, took to Twitter to clear things up.

"That quote people MADE UP about Beyonce just made me lol!" she wrote. "Imagine if I said I got 'the looks and the curves I'm just better!' Bahahahhaha."

PHOTO: Miley kisses Ryan Seacrest to ring in 2014!

Miley, who did not ever actually claim to be "the total package" or "the best," was understandably upset about the bogus words being put in her mouth. "How are people allowed to make up s--t & then out quotes around it saying I said that s--t!" she tweeted. "WTF!!?!"

And when a fan account provided Miley a link to the made-up interview, she was even more astounded by the things she was quoted as having said. "Hahahajajahahaha that made me laugh!" she wrote. "It's f--king creepy! I don't even talk like that. Hahaha."

But don't fret, Smilers: Miley's taking this matter seriously. "getting 2 the bottom of this s--t. making the liar retract the statement," she tweeted. "U can cause ALOT of drama but NOT between me & B!"

 You tell 'em, girl. 

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