(WARNING: Some explicit language follows. It's the worst year ever, after all.)

1. Some people just had a really, really bad New Year's Eve. The struggle is real.


3. Some decided that 2014 is the worst year ever and don't want to get into it.



6. But they've decided that 2015 is going to be their year. Optimism?

7. Which is why some people are already counting down to 2015.

8. Though some aren't even optimistic about 2015. Or 2016. Or 2017.







Some had more specific reasons...

15. Like Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Uncle Phil (James Avery) dying.




19. Plus, the post office was closed (and not out of respect to Uncle Phil).

20. There were a lot of phone issues...



23. R.I.P. to these texts that will never be received.

24. Netflix was ruining everyone's New Year.


(Kids in the Hall isn't alone. Hopefully you watched all of these movies.)



28. This person didn't have mac 'n cheese.

29. This person didn't have pancakes.

30. This person didn't have toast.

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31. This person did have cheese. And hated it.

32. This person dropped their joint.

33. And this person had no weed at all!

34. Wendy's didn't have any nuggets.

35. Chipotle wasn't even open!


37. Neither was PJ Pipers. Whatever that is.

(FYI, It's a pancake house in Wisconsin.)

38. This person burned their mouth on fake spaghetti.

39. This person didn't get a coupon for too many donuts.

40. This person's fruit broke in half.

41. This person's bracelet broke.

42. This person lost a video game.

43. This person's buns were moldy.

44. Starbucks was the absolute worst to this guy.

45. This person took too many selfies. Sad face selfie!

46. All of this bad stuff happened to this person.

47. This is a legit reason to hate 2014.

48. And this is actually the worst thing to have ever happened:

49. This is only one salvation for the year.

Save us, Justin Bieber! Save 2014!

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