Seth Rogen, RuPaul

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Well, this is just precious. Kinda.

Apparently, funnyman Seth Rogen and drag queen icon RuPaul are fans of each other, and they revealed this golden nugget of information through a funny/sweet/inappropriate/slightly uncomfortable (for the readers) conversation with each other on Twitter. But when you think of who we're talking about, is there really any other way?

It all started when the Drag Race host tweeted his top 10 movies of the year, which included Rogen's flick This Is The End. And, along with thanking RuPaul, Seth offered a fun fact about his youth.

"@ thanks Ru Paul! When I was 15, I accidentally jacked off to a picture of you thinking you were a girl!!" Rogen tweeted. How...thoughtful?

RuPaul responded, "A fist full of Jergen's lotion, a vivid imagination and look at you now @ ."

Unfortunately, RuPaul's year wasn't all sincere tweets with A-list actors who talk about their masturbation muses. The celeb got into a mini Twitter war with former child star Amanda Bynes, but of course, RuPaul handled it in true diva fashion.

Bynes had previously slammed the TV personality—and her own father—on Twitter, when she wrote, "My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!"

RuPaul, in an attempt to remain classy and teach followers a little bit about psychology, responded with, "Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person's own poisonous self-loathing @."

And then topped it off with the perfect closing, "I'm a man, duh!"

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