Mary-Louise Parker Fights for Her Troubled Son in New Jamesy Boy Movie Clip—Watch!

Check out the actress' emotional performance

By Brett Malec Dec 31, 2013 5:53 PMTags

Mary-Louise Parker's latest film role looks like one emotional performance.

In a just-released clip from Parker's upcoming indie crime drama Jamesy Boy, Parker plays the mother of a troubled teen (played by newcomer Spencer Lofranco) who is rejected admission from a public school because of his sordid crime history.

"Miss Burns, let me be frank with you. We have some concerns," the admissions officer says to Parker's character as her son sits next to her. "We've read your son's record and we're not convinced that our school is the right place for a student with his particular history."

She goes on, "Obviously we're sensitive to the experiences of abuse that your son endured but the fact is that James has had a record of unstable, even violent behavior. He could be a danger to the other children...At 14, James already has convictions for robbery, vandalism and assault. He's be institutionalized three times in eight years, once for threatening your boyfriend with a knife."

The film, which is based on the true story of James Burns, goes on to tell James' story of being let down by the system. He winds up in a street gang before being locked up in a maximum-security prison where he finally tries turning his life around.

Jamesy Boy also stars Ving Rhames, James Woods and Taissa Farmiga. The film will be released on demand on Jan. 3 and hit theaters Jan. 17. Watch the flick's full movie trailer above!