Chelsea Handler, Twiter


Hey there, Chelsea Handler!

The E! funnywoman unfortunately had a tough time on the slopes over the weekend, resulting in an injury (and a very revealing photo for her Twitter followers).

"Another day of skiing, and whoopsie. I come home now," Handler wrote with a photo of herself on the bed in a robe, showing off her wrapped up right leg and a peek at her bare bum. The medic next to her bed made sure not to stare. How chivalrous of him.

Her post sparked an, um, interesting conversation with her pal Whitney Cummings on Twitter that only extremely close friends with their type of relationship could understand.

"oh Jesus did you trip over the iCloud," Cummings responded. "no you dumb c--t. I wiped out skiing. You wouldn't know because you can't ski. And, Apparently, neither can I," Handler replied. Cummings wrote back, "For the last time stop skiing with a d--k in your mouth!"

Well, then.

When Chelsea's not hurting herself in the snow or having a loving, expletive-filled heart-to-heart on Twitter, she's helping a good cause. Handler not only hosted last night's Inspiration Gala for the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) at L.A.'s Milk Studios, but she also donated a whopping $100,000 to the organization.

"I'm going to give $100,000," she said. "I hate going to these things—you get a little buzz going and then whoopsy! I have a traveler's check in my car."

True Chelsea fashion.

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