Lack of sight? This kitten ain't got time for that!

We'd like to introduce you to Quirky the blind kitten, who is just as cute as any normal baby cat, but he's obviously special because he can't see. But do you think that stops him from running around the house without abandon? Hell no! 

Quirky was rescued this past August after he was found in the woods and then brought in to the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor, Wash. According to his owners, he was a "furry purry little bundle" and immediately made himself at home when he was put in their care.

These videos below were taken when he was 5 weeks old. He just celebrated Christmas with his parents, and if you want to see photos of Quirky with his new presents (and of course you do because you are a normal human), you can check out his Facebook page.

Congrats for reading this far if you're still with us. Most would just see our title about an adorable blind kitten and scroll right for the videos. And there is nothing wrong with that. Since no one is probably reading this we're just going to end with gibberish: squatting peanut butter boogie board.



(H/T LaughingSquid)

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