TV Deaths

Spoiler Alert: We're about to spoil some of TV's biggest deaths, in case you couldn't tell from the headline. So, you know, if you don't want to be spoiled, click away now!

Break out your finest black clothing, 'cause we're attending a TV funeral, y'all.

The 2013 TV season has not been a kind one to TV characters, with series killing off characters, both good and bad, seemingly every other episode. Long gone are the days of waiting for a series finale to off a major player. Heck, most shows don't even wait for a season finale anymore. 

Still, there were some deaths that stayed with us longer than others (like, say, Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries. Who soon came back to life. Ditto Bonnie!)

So which series made our list of the Top 10 TV Deaths of the year?

Well, Sons of Anarchy has the honor of having two characters rank on our list, while Family Guy is the only animated series to make the cut. But neither show landed the top spot. 

Recent deaths on Person of Interest and Homeland made our list, while some goodbyes are from a bit earlier in the year, such as a polarizing character's demise on The Walking Dead and a Scandal shocker.

And, of course, the death of one of Breaking Bad's major characters in the final season had to be acknowledged. 

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