Christmas Counterdown Twitter


Is it Christmas yet? There is literally no way to tell, so thank Santa there is a Twitter that tells us specifically if the current day is Dec. 25. Spoiler alert: It's not yet.

Titled Counterdowner, this Twitter feed (with over 15,000 followers) is in the business of bumming us out by consistently reminding us that it's not time for opening presents and seeing if Santa did indeed eat all the cookies we left out for him.

The name of Twitter shows up as "Is It Christmas Yet?" and the answer is in the tweet below the question. So it's been a lot of "no" so far, but soon enough, we know the tweet will read "YES!" It's been active and posting since May 19, so it's been a looong year of setting people up and letting them down.

"Follow the official Christmas countdown on Twitter!" the profile reads. "Stay tuned for my X-Mas day tweet!" And the location of this Twitter? North Pole, obvs.

We know we're not alone when we say we are waiting with breath that is so damn bated for Dec. 25 so we can finally get a tweet that confirms yes, it is Christmas.

If you haven't been following this Twitter feed, let us catch you up on some of the most notable tweets from Counterdowner:

Keep refreshing, folks. It'll be Christmas soon enough.

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