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Charlie Sheen isn't the only one who's feeling rather chatty on Twitter as of late—Denise Richards also has a few things to say, firing off a few well-aimed tweets at her ex.

After the Anger Management actor recently took to the social media site to slam the 42-year-old star before later accusing the mother of his daughters Sam and Lola of keeping his kids away from him on Christmas, Richards has since responded to the allegations, firing back at Sheen's claims.

Richards replied to one follower, who cited a TMZ story which alleged that Sheen is not allowed to see his children for even 30 minutes to exchange Christmas gifts.

"@rennangel @TMZ thats actually not true," she wrote in response to the TMZ report. "I don't know why he feels the need to do this publicly. I don't keep him away from our kids."

But the bombshell wasn't about to let Charlie off the hook with just one simple tweet.

"@charliesheen U done ranting? keep it classy dude. Our kids don't need to be privy to this, U are welcome 2 spend xmas w/us Hope u still come," she continued before adding, "@charlie sheen u were & are welcome 2 see them. I never asked 4 your plane. we love u. Please 4 our kids stop this...."

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Denise's defensive tweets come just over one week after Sheen slammed the Wild Things star on social media, sharing a photo of what appears to be a a cut-up baseball bat from the former couple's wedding along with a dagger and a small bottle of tabasco.

"more like a feeble 'K'. the lie is over. i'm done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket. c #DuhNeese," he captioned the photo on Sunday, Dec. 15. 

He also took to Twitter today to clear up any lingering confusion over his feelings for his former flame, suggesting his ex-wife should marry Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, whom he slammed on Saturday for his anti-gay comments.

Charlie Sheen, Eloise, Denise Richards Twitter


"I came up with a PERFECT holiday idea! Denise and Phil Robertson should get married! then he can practice the Bestiality he hates! c :)" he wrote.

Just last month, Richards, who was granted temporary custody of Charlie's twins with his third ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, while she underwent treatment, took to Twitter to share a sweet photo of Sheen with her adopted daughter, Eloise, writing, "Many of you don't see this this moment.. @charliesheen #Eloise."

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