"Santa baby, slip a..." Actually, babies dressed as Santa is all we want for Christmas:

1. Like this Santa baby who actually grew some impressive facial hair:

Baby Santa

For a baby. 

2. This Santa baby who is too busy planning his Christmas flight plan to focus on you:

Baby Santa

Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

3. This Santa baby who missed his Santa nap:

Baby Santa

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

4. And this Santa baby who did not:

Baby Santa

AP Photo/John McConnico

5. This Santa baby is who is having none of it:

(Look at that Santa side-eye!)

6. And this Santa baby who is having even less of it:

7. This Santa baby whose sister is on his naughty list:

8. This Santa baby who is ready for his close-up:

Baby Santa

9. This Santa baby who is all dressed up with everywhere to go:

10. This Santa baby who is suited and booted:

11. This Santa baby who is feeling the stress of the season:

12. And this Santa baby who delegates work so he can catch a quick five in his sleigh.

13. This Santa baby who's thinking, "Uh, who does this guy think he is?"

Baby Santa

14. And this Santa baby who wants to be the only Santa:

Baby Santa

Even if that means eating his competition.

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