There is no Christmas tradition we hold closer to our hearts than cozying up next to a toasty fire with the Internet's most famous cat. Unfortunately, our house does not have a fireplace or a Lil Bub.

Not a problem: Here is 60 minutes of Lil Bub sitting next to a fire. Yes. 60 full minutes. The video description explains, "In this amazing hour-long episode, BUB settles into a comfortable bout of fireside napping and purring. It's the perfect way to have BB join your own holiday celebration!"

Well, OK, "amazing" is pushing it. But it is cute.

Watch all the way to the end for a special surprise.

(Just kidding! The surprise is that you just spent an hour of your life watching a video of a cat sitting in front of a fireplace.)

If you have a home with a Lil Bub but without a fireplace, then you are probably Lil Bub's owner Mike Bridavsky or you have kidnapped Lil Bub. Give her back. Or you just prefer your fake fireplace sans an adorable kitten. Uh, OK. Whatever. We guess...

But if that's the case, check out Netflix's Fireplace for Your Home, streams of hour-long fire videos. There are options too: Choose from a traditional (and very festival) crackling yule log, or the famous old-fashioned, wood-burning fireplace.

The reviews of Fireplace for Your Home are a gift in themselves. Most of the reviews are very punny (the performance was "wooden," there was tons of "heat" between the leads), but the real gems are the serious reviews. Here is a sampling: 

Nice sound effects; not overdone.

Despite the fire being very poorly built, I found this enjoyable.

To the viewer's delight, the fire spreads (Spoiler) to the other two logs in the fireplace!

This truly is the merriest of Christmases.

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