Diane Dale, Justin Bieber, Pattie Mallette, Bruce Dale

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Justin Bieber's grandmother Diane Dale has a message for her grandson.

"He should pick up his pants," she told me last night at the premiere of Justin Bieber's Believe (out on Christmas Day) at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live.

His grandfather Bruce Dale disagrees. "I like it," he said. "I like it."

Funny enough, the two weren't aware of Biebs' talent when he was just a kid. "I didn't even know he could sing until Pattie [Mallette, their daughter and Bieber's mom] told me," Diane said. "She's like, 'How could you not know? He was always singing in your basement.' I don't know the first thing about singing and neither does Bruce."

Justin Bieber, Patti Mallette

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"And when he's sitting down there beating drums, how do you know whether he's singing or not?" Bruce added.

Well, they sure know now that their grandson could sing. They also know he gets a lot of negative press.

"I just ignore it," Diane said. "It's going to happen anyways. It doesn't matter who you are and a lot of it isn't even in true. Some of it is, but life's got to go on. He's 19 and he's got a camera shoved in his face and lots of money. What do you want?"

Jon M. Chu directed both Believe and Bieber's first docu-film, Never Say Never.

"I think if [moviegoers] see Justin the way I see Justin, they'll accept him—warts and all—and see that he's not as bad as the press makes him out to be sometimes, and he's not as innocent as he tries to paint himself sometimes," Chu said. "He's a troublemaker. It's what he is and he's charming as hell, but that's who he is and that's what makes him Justin Bieber."

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