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It's the most wonderful time of year! It's that time of year where you decide how much you like your friends while you browse the shelves and surf online. Well, guess what? Those friends are doing the exact same thing for you.

If you're wondering where you rank with your friends, then Christmas is the perfect opportunity to find out if you're a best friend to someone or just someone who is getting a gift because you're getting them a gift. Below is another installment of E!'s Official Guide to Christmas. Print it out, learn it, live it:

1. Pack of Lotions and Matching Hand Sanitizers: On the way out of the mall after buying someone they love a Wii U, this person stopped into Bath and Body Works and threw some lotion and hand sanitizers into their basket for you. But only because they had a 20-percent-off coupon. Sure, everyone needs lotion and hand sanitizer, but face it…this person gave you last-minute status on their list. Now tell them to get that Midnight Pomegranate lotion out of here.

2. DVD: Did you specifically ask for this copy of Legally Blonde 2? If not, this person doesn't think very highly of you on the account of the fact that they very likely just grabbed a DVD out of their own collection and wrapped it.

3. Blu-ray: Did you specifically ask for this copy of Legally Blond 2 on Blu-ray? If not, see above. But you get one more point because at least it's a Blu-ray.

4. Gift Card: Depending on how much the gift card is worth, this person either likes you a lot but didn't want to put much effort into their gift, or they don't care what you get. If it's a $50 gift card to Amazon, score! What can't you get on Amazon? But if it's a $5 gift card to Starbucks, sorry about your friendship. You can buy maybe two regular coffees (but who wants regular coffee when it's Peppermint Mocha time?!), or you can pay for most of a Venti fancy drink. Yikes.

5. Big, Fluffy Blanket: This is an awesome gift, because fluffy blankets are the s--t. But it's also an easy gift to snatch off the shelves without much thought, so at best, this person likes to hang out with you, but only if other people are around, too.

6. Expensive Jewelry or a Fancy Gadget: This person, if they are not your significant other or a family member, is probably secretly in love with you. Give them a chance! Or at the very least let them get to first base. Hey, that's worth the iPad you're now reading this on. Or you're playing Hay Day, which is fine, too.

7. Calendar With Personalized Photos for Each Month: Whoever got you this loves you very much. They took the time to pick the photos they knew you'd want to see all year long and they ordered in it well in advanced to make sure it arrived on time. Congrats, you are a bestie.

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