Heather Mills

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Despite the chill in the air, Heather Mills allegedly had a major meltdown.

The model and activist, who perhaps is best known as the ex-wife of Paul McCartney, had been training for the upcoming Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi when an issue regarding a piece of equipment, combined with a lingering injury, prompted her to quit the team, according to the British Disabled Ski Team.

According to multiple reports, however, her exit comes after she lunged at Sylvana Mestre, the head of the International Paralympic Committee, screaming "you bitch, you bitch," and had to be restrained by security. Per the BBC, the IPC is considering taking disciplinary action against Mills.

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And this all apparently went down because the IPC told Mills that the boot she was wearing on her prosthetic limb didn't meet competition standards.

"Heather waited patiently—as the IPC confirmed—to try and explain to Sylvana Mestre that her left boot was legal and purely cosmetic to abide by the archaic IPC rules. It was just cut down and the buckles removed to stop more weight limb damage," a rep for Mills told the BBC. 

Mills, whose left leg was amputated below the knee after she was injured in a motorcycle crash in 1993, had run into this issue with her boot before, explaining earlier this year that what the IPC wanted her to wear caused "intolerable pain." She proceeded to wear the unapproved boot in a race in Austria on Monday.

"On Monday December 16, the British Disabled Ski Team (BDST) were informed by IPC Skiing that there was an issue with the adaptive equipment that Heather Mills was using that needed to be addressed before she would be allowed to compete," read a joint statement from the BDST and British Paralympic Association obtained by E! News.

"As a result of this and on the back of an injury, Heather Mills has decided to resign from BDST, thereby removing herself from the selection process for the Sochi Paralympic Games. Occasionally in sport equipment issues arise, especially with adaptive equipment and the interpretation of the rules in relation to its use. Therefore we are all saddened that she has decided to retire at this stage, rather than working with BDST and IPC Skiing to resolve the issue.

"Heather has shown determination and made great progress over the past few months and is to be commended for the success she's had in her skiing career."

It sounds like good riddance as far as the IPC is concerned, however.

"I was trying to explain to her that this is not the equipment we approved earlier in the year and then that was it, she exploded," Mestre told BBC Sport. "She jumped on me. She started to say I was a bitch. She grabbed me from the back and she started to say that 'you don't know who I am, I will make your life miserable'. I don't understand the reaction."

"It was harassment," added IPC spokesman Craig Spence. "It was absolutely disgraceful behaviour."

 Mills' coach, meanwhile, says that he's planning to make a formal complaint against Mestre, claiming the IPC had a "vendetta" against the aspiring Paralympian.

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