Google Glass Users Can Now Wink to Take Photos, Which Sounds Quite Creepy

New feature on the gadget lets you snap pics using just your eyelids

By Jenna Mullins Dec 18, 2013 7:26 PMTags

Next time someone is winking at you, make sure you smile! You might be getting your photo taken. Or the person is just coming on to you and you just gave them an open invitation to come over and talk to you. Sorry about that.

Google announced this week that Google Glass has a new feature that lets you take photos with just a wink of your eye. Innovative? Yes. Kind of creepy? Absolutely. Now weirdo people who want to covertly snap pics of you don't need to nonchalantly use their smart phone. They just need to flutter an eyelid. 

Obviously, Google sees this addition as more convenient than creepy, and they have big plans for the photo-winking ability based on the message they released when they announced the update:

"We're starting with pictures, but just think about what else is possible. Imagine a day where you're riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay. You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you, hands-free, no mess, no fuss. Pretty cool, right?"


For more info on Google Glass' new feature, the folks over at Mashable tried it out. But let's talk about what's really important when it comes to this wink-pic situation. 

If you wink, you fall into two camps: Mad Men's Don Draper or Seinfeld's George Costanza. Either you look smooth and sexy, or you look like…well, George Costanza. 


Are you unsure of which camp you fall into? Take our quiz below! 

1. Look in the mirror.
2. Wink at yourself.
3. Were you immediately repulsed? You're a George Costanza.
4. Were you not immediately repulsed? Are you still winking at yourself because you think you look sexy? You're a George Costanza, too. Because let's face it: about 1 in 79,000 people look good winking.
5. Are you Jon Hamm? You're also a George Costanza. Yes, really. What did we just say?! Hardly anyone can pull off a wink. Not even the Hamm can get away with winking unless he's in Don Draper character and is filmed carefully from flattering angles.
6. Stop winking at yourself now.

The future is here, y'all. Next up? Skynet.