Olivia Wilde

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Luckily, Olivia Wilde didn't pull a Jessica Simpson when asked about her baby's gender during her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

"It's human. We feel good about that," the pregnant celeb coyly shared when asked if she's having a boy or girl while appearing on the late night talk show on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Wilde is expecting her first child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The lovebirds first met on the season finale of Saturday Night Live in 2011, and news of Wilde's pregnancy broke in late October of this year.

PHOTO: Olivia Wilde hides her baby bump in black

But despite the fact that the 29-year-old beauty is now rocking a noticeable (albeit small) baby bump, the mama-to-be insists strangers are still weary to wish her well.

"That's the worst thing in the world. When you congratulate a non-pregnant woman on her pregnancy," she said. "Yeah, I find that people will go to such great lengths to not mention it and even when you are—like I feel like I'm clearly pregnant—people will be like 'Hey, would you like a glass of whiskey? Or would you like to get on this rollercoaster?' And I go, 'Well I'm actually pregnant.' And they go, 'What?!'"

Luckily, if Wilde needs any advice on her pregnancy she can turn to her mother, journalist and producer Leslie Cockburn, whom she describes as "a good example of how to be a strong badass pregnant lady."

"I have a great mom...but she sets the standards pretty high," Wilde tells Leno. "[She went] all over the world for 60 Minutes, ABC News, for Frontline for years, so when I'm worrying about like, 'Am I allowed to get on the treadmill?' My mom is like, 'I was in warzones with you guys.'"

And she wasn't kidding when she called her mom a total badass.

"The way most moms tell a cute story about something that happened at like a ballet recital, my mom likes to tell the story when she was eight months pregnant with me and we were on a plane that had a bomb somewhere in the Middle East," Wilde shared. "And she's like, 'Remember and you almost didn't arrive because of the bomb?' And then you know they landed, they evacuated the plane, there was no bombing, but I'm like, 'That's a terrifying story. Don't share that with our new friends.'"

Considering bomb threats and babies don't mix, we hope Olivia's biggest battle is a bit of morning sickness.

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