Jimmy Fallon is returning to his old stomping grounds at Saturday Night Live with good pal Justin Timberlake.

The former cast member, along with Kenan Thompson, braved a New York City snowstorm and recorded a series of promos to generate hype for the upcoming show on Dec. 21.

And even though the Grammy winner doesn't appear with the entertaining pair, he is certainly not forgotten.

The 39-year-old upcoming host begins the teasers with a scare, declaring that the "Suit & Tie" crooner won't make the performance because of a cancelled flight.

"Kidding!" Fallon quipped as the two guys get pelted with snowballs. "Justin will be here, happy holidays everyone."


Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson, SNL


Perhaps the most entertaining short teaser features Thompson trying to impersonate the singer-songwriter by covering his face with a scarf.

"Yeah there's gonna be some sexy on top of it," Thompson says, clearly confusing the lyrics to "SexyBack."

"It looks like it's snowing but it's actually pigeon droppings," Fallon jokes in another quick clip.

The duo also sing their version of the pop hit "Mirrors," which is more like humming and making up words to the catchy melody.

Fallon, and his guitar, leaves the cold and joins forces with Kate McKinnon to perform a cute song about Timberlake and the Christmas show.

Are you excited to watch Fallon and Timberlake this weekend? Sound off in the comments!

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