'Tis the season to ignore your annoying family members by texting your friends to tell them how annoying your family members are being! Or just to play Candy Crush. 'Tis always the season for Candy Crush.

That's the idea behind Apple's Christmas commercial this year, which features a teen seemingly ignoring the family bonding going on around him to play on his iPhone. But there's a twist: He's just misunderstood. 

The boy was actually recording everything around him and, at the end, surprises his family with a video compilation of their holiday together. We've got a little Steven Spielberg on our hands! And now we've got tears in our eyes too!

You could argue that it's probably best to live in the moment and that the memories you make are better than any photos you could take, but, you know, whatever. It's an ad. Apple's gotta sell those iPhones somehow.

There also released an extended version of the "Harris Family Holiday" home video, shot on the iPhone 5S. It doesn't have the emotional impact of the actual ad, because really you're just watching someone else's home videos (who wants to do that?). But feel free to watch anyway: 

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