Abigail Breslin

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A star at Abigail Breslin's level really shouldn't have to make her own red carpet wear. But if she must, someone on her management team should point out that the shiny silver stuff you use to close boxes is not the answer.

We hate to pull our favorite Little Miss Sunshine star apart (not that we can with her all taped up), but this skintight column is far from flattering. Not only does it really, truly look like rows of duct tape, but it's ill-fit for the beautifully curvy celeb.

The skin tone inserts are too close to the starlet's actual complexion, horizontal stripes are rarely smart for a big red carpet moment and the silver fabric looks incredibly tacky.

But since we love Abigail so much, we'd like to shift focus to that amazing "Katniss" braid! It's almost perfect enough to erase the rest of the look.  Almost. This is still a major, "make it stop!" in our book. What's your take?

A Fashion Police Dec 17 Poll
What's your take on Abigail's duct tape design?
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