How I Met Your Mother


She's ba-ack!

So for this season on How I Met Your Mother, we've had only a few glimpses here and there of the titular Mother played by the so-lovely-it-hurts Cristin Milioti. However in tonight's mid-season finale, fans discovered even more amazing details about Ted's (Josh Radnor) future wife--and yet another member of the HIMYM gang got to meet her.

While walking the last five miles to the Far Hampton Inn, Marshall (Jason Segal) was losing steam and energy when all of the sudden The Mother drove up (driving gloves and all!) and offered to give our soon-to-be-judge a lift. It was a match made in friendship heaven! 

Unfortunately our Mother was actually planning on fleeing from the Far Hampton Inn because the lead singer of her band is a devil in disguise as a really cool and charming dude. Darren (Andrew Rannells) has a knack for walking up to two close friends and then ripping their relationship to shreds in a matter of minutes. Rude

Darren even tried to kick our beautiful, amazing Mother out of the band that she created. (P.S. the name of her band is Super Freakonomics and now we're even more convinced that she and Ted are perfect for each other) The Mother followed Lily's advice and stole Darren's van, but Marshall convinced her that she needed to step up her game and confront the devil.

She didn't, but Ted ended up punching Darren in the face once he broke their third bottle of scotch of the weekend. It was amazing and everyone cheered. Over in the bar The Mother was so thrilled that someone stood up to Darren that she turned to our favorite bartender and said, "Linus, whoever that best man is, I would like to buy him a double of your finest scotch." And that, kids, was the first drink that The Mother ever bought Ted…

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