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Say it ain't so!

It's been over 36 hours since we watched Homeland's gut-wrenching season three finale in which Damian Lewis' Brody was executed after being declared an enemy of the state. Carrie (Claire Danes) cried. We cried. Everyone cried. It was a very emotional evening and one that snagged the biggest audience in Homeland's history.

However, many fans are still holding onto the small sliver of hope that Brody could somehow still be alive. To help ease your mind and get you prepared for all the drama headed your way, we've gathered up everything you need to know about season four of Homeland—including whether or not Brody is actually gone for good. Read on for all the scoop straight from Lewis and executive producer Alex Gansa

Homeland's showrunner told EW that he understands why so many viewers felt like Sunday's episode was more of a series finale rather than a season finale. Gansa explained, "It did feel like a series finale. When you see that star at the end and realize this central relationship is over, there's no question this show is undergoing a major reinvention or reboot for season four."

Speaking of season four, Gansa revealed that he and the writers are in very early stages for next fall's premiere. "I'm really not thinking about it yet. The only thing that's dancing around in the back of our heads is the temptation to show Carrie doing what she was trained to do—and that's being a case officer in a foreign capitol. That feels like an interesting place to begin a discussion."

With Brody firmly out of the picture, Gansa added that Mandy Patinkin's Saul will have an even bigger role in the next season. The exec spilled to TV Line, "[Saul] is now a private contractor, and the CIA does outsource so much intelligence work to these private contractors. So even though Saul may not have a desk at Langley anymore, his interface with the agency is going to be big."

Although Gansa has not set anything in stone for season four just yet, the EP revealed that Brody's death was something that had been talked about in the writers' room for a very long time. "The entire season was structured around this ending. Not specifically Brody being hung in the public square in Tehran, but we knew Brody wasn't going to survive this season."

Lewis revealed to The New York Times that he was surprised that Brody survived for as long as he did. "I loved doing Homeland, I loved playing Brody. I'm extremely proud of who we all created together," he explained. "I think he's a tragic hero for our time. He himself embodies a cautionary tale, going right back to the beginning, about sending young men to war and the damage it can do. He had brief moments of happiness and glory, but was essentially a very unhappy figure for three years. I enjoyed playing him, but I never expected him to last this long."


And for all those who are hoping that Brody somehow survived his hanging—think again. Gansa said to TV Line, "All [the] evidence points to his death, undoubtedly. I encourage [doubters] to watch the episode again. The issue has been settled. He is not unkillable."

Lewis echoed the showrunner's thoughts: "If Brody was resurrected somehow, that might just be pushing it too far. But, hey, as 007 himself said, Never say never. In the world of successful TV shows, anything is possible. But I'd be surprised," he said.

When asked if Brody could ever appear in a flashback or in a dream sequence, Gansa bluntly told EW, "I would say highly doubtful. But you never know." Sounds like he's pretty much gone for good, Homeland fans. Now please excuse us while we bawl our eyes out all over again…

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