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Jennifer Cooper, E!

When it comes to running a top fashion magazine, Eva Chen of Lucky magazine is the gal you need to know about.

The shopping publication's newest editor in chief has an impressive following on social media and has quickly risen to the top thanks to her undeniable smarts and covetable style.

When we had the opportunity to get to know her more and check out her swanky office in New York City, we definitely jumped at the chance.

Here's what she shared with us: 

How did you get started in your career?
I had interned at Harper's Bazaar, but my first real magazine job after college was in the fashion closet at Lucky. I worked on compiling credit information for the magazine—a tough task for a magazine with thousands of products in each issue. If you love shopping and clothes, it's actually pretty fun.

What is a typical day like for you?
I feel like I sit down at my desk at 9 a.m., and then look up and it's nearly 7p.m.! Time flies when you're having fun. Every day is very different; some days, I'm editing stories and text all day. I spend others at run-throughs for fashion shoots or on market appointments with my fantastic fashion team. I love the variety!

Describe your work environment.
Lucky is the ultimate shopping magazine, and, as such, we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about new brands, designers, stores and beauty! It's an incredibly fun place to work. Every time someone asks another staffer, 'Where'd you get that?' you invariably get an amazing story behind the purchase. We're the magazine that brings that to life!

Trendsetters, Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen

Jennifer Cooper, E!

Tell us about your office décor or creative inspiration.
One of my former colleagues at Teen Vogue actually helped me with it, Lauren McGrath. She really understands my love of color-meets-cozy. I wanted it to feel inviting for staff meetings, someplace we could sit and chat all day—not that we have time for that!

Describe your office style. What do you typically wear to work?
I love dresses, since they require the most minimal amount of brainpower in the morning. I'd say my standby is a dress that errs on the more feminine side… but with major shoes!

Where do you shop for work clothes?
Well, work clothes is a loose concept in the fashion industry! It's probably the only industry wherein it's acceptable to wear a themed outfit inspired by Marie Antoinette meets Blade Runner meets Pocahontas. That said, I think J.Crew and Club Monaco for basics with a twist, Proenza Schouler for luxury sportswear.

What are your favorite brands of accessories?
Celine bags, Zara flats (great for running around the city, I tend not to invest in super expensive flats as they get ruined in zero time), Etienne Aigner's shiny pouches for organizing my oft-overstuffed purse.

Trendsetters, Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen

Jennifer Cooper, E!

My favorite thing in my office/on my desk is:
A Twitter follower sent me a care package of smiley face paperclips. They make me smile every time I see them.

The best part of my job is…The style inspiration that the fashion team provides me day in and day out!

I never leave home without…My American Express card. And stationery. You never know when you'll need to jot out a thank you.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Young adult books like The Hunger Games. I am addicted. People can't write them fast enough!

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
My high school had a rather grim motto: By truth and toil. But it's true!

What are your travel must-haves?
My huge Tumi Tegra-lite suitcases. They fit everything but the kitchen sink, which helps during the one month of travelduring collections in Paris/Milan/London! Also, Cleanwell hand sanitizer. I go through it en masse when in transit.

Trendsetters, Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen

Jennifer Cooper, E!

What are your beauty must-haves?
They constantly change, but right now I'm loving Restorsea SPF, Shea Moisture Body Scrub, CK One Tinted Moisturizer and Laura Geller's lip crayon.

What is your go-to lunch? Favorite snack? Morning beverage?
I buy a bushel of apples every weekend and snack on them (and the revolving door of cookies, macarons, and chocolates that seem to pass through my office) throughout the day. I drink green tea in the mornings, unless I'm truly exhausted, in which case I have a chai tea soy latte with a shot of espresso. And my go-to lunch is sushi and lemongrass soup.

My favorite gadgets for work and play:
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone: I love the giant screen.
Google Chromecast: I take it with me when I travel so I can send movies from my Netflix app on my iPad to hotel TVs. I'm still catching up on Scandal.
Macbook Air: The best product Apple has ever made!

Trendsetters, Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen

Jennifer Cooper, E!

If I wasn't doing this job, I would be…Wishing for this exact job—editing a fashion and shopping magazine!

Can you share some advice for aspiring career girls?
Fortune—fashion, life, career, and otherwise—favors the bold. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Seems like simplistic advice, but it's harder than it sounds!

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