Waffles the Cat, Jump Fail


It's Monday, and that's really terrible. But never fear, two cat videos are here to turn your case of the Mondays into a case of the Fundays. See what we did there? Ha! Hey, where are you going?

For those of you who didn't click out of this post after our punny joke (please don't leave), we've got not one but two videos of cats who try and get into the holiday spirit, but fail miserably and hilariously.

First up, we have Waffles the cat. Let's take a moment to adore that name. OK, great. Waffles just wants to show off his graceful athleticism by jumping from the roof of a snow-covered car onto the roof of his snow-covered house. As you probably can guess, it doesn't go great for him. But watch the video, because the image of his limbs spread out like a spider monkey before he falls is just what you need to carry you past lunch.

And after lunch, you can check out Sesshomaru (pronounced "just-call-it-cat-number-two") attempting to scale a Christmas tree. We like to think that cats are all about Christmas trees because it makes them feel like they are on an adventure when they're really just lazy, indoor cats. Anyway, Sesshomaru makes it to the top like a champ, and then…well, just watch to find out. The joy from watching the video should take you right to quitting time.

And there you have it. Cat videos make Mondays bearable. Or should we say cat-able. 

We ruined this entire post with our lame jokes, didn't we? 

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