Ashley Judd Believes Wynonna Judd Placed a Tracking Device on Her Car to Spy on Her

Get the scoop on the strange family feud

By Brett Malec Dec 16, 2013 5:57 PMTags
Wynonna Judd, Ashley JuddJemal Countess/; Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Talk about a bizarre family feud.

Ashley Judd is accusing sister Wynonna Judd of placing a tracking device on her car to try to spy on her, according to legal docs that were filed by Ashley and obtained by ABC News.

According to the report, which was filed last month, a Tennessee mechanic discovered a wireless GPS tracking device on a Mini Cooper that's owned by Ashley. The 45-year-old actress "believes the device was placed there by Wynonna," the docs note.

The report goes on to say that the device was traced back to a private investigator, who was "working for Wynonna Judd." The P.I. gave it to Wynonna, who then had her ex-husband Arch Kelley place it on Ashley's car.

Ashley believes her sister did it to try to spy on her because of an ongoing custody feud between her and Wynonna.

The investigation is currently listed as inactive. Reps for Ashley and Wynonna did not comment on the accusations.

Ashley obviously hasn't had the smoothest relationships with her sister and mom Naomi Judd. In an emotional interview last year, Judd opened up about their rocky relationship, saying, "I absolutely know that my parents love and adore me, and I'm so grateful that today we have good relationships."