Scandal's New Enemy, Revenge's Romance Shakeup, HIMYM's Wedding Crasher and More Spoiler Chat Scoop

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'Tis the season of giving!

And you know what that means: more spoilers than your stocking can handle! In today's Spoiler Chat, we're dishing out spoilers on some of your favorite series, including the new feud going down on Scandal when it returns in February and How I Met Your Mother's wedding crasher! Plus, we've got scoop on another potential Once Upon a Time spinoff, Arrow's fan-favorite pairing Olicity, and upcoming woes for a Revenge couple.

Plus, we've got inside info on Reign, Bones and more...

David: HIMYM me, my scoop gods!
Gods? Stop, you're making us blush! But back to the scoop at hand: Robin and Barney's wedding may be under attack. By a ghost. It seems the Farhampton Inn has itself a bit of a ghost problem, in the form of a peg-legged and hook-handed pirate.

Hilary: Maybe it's just me, but I love Aiden and Emily together on Revenge! Please tell me they will be OK when the show returns!
Well, Emily getting shot has kind of ruined the hot Brit's plans, so expect some major drama for the couple in January. "His future's just been upended and Emily's going to have to stay in the Hamptons for a little bit, and it's confusing to him," boss Sunil Nayar spills. Plus, a blast from his past could pose a threat to their love. "There's another great introduction into the nature of the Aiden backstory that sort of takes him into the future that shakes things up between him and Emily, too," he previews.

Bethany: I don't want to wait until March for more Once Upon a Time, I need some scoop now!
Spinoff, ahoy! We've seen the magical Once Upon a Time spinoff in Wonderland, but wouldn't it be fun to take a deeper peak at the dark and dangerous world of Neverland? Robbie Kay, who plays the mischievous Peter Pan, certainly things so! "That is certainly an amazing prospect. If the opportunity were to arise, I would love to pursue that opportunity," the actor spills. "I mean that would be a brilliant concept as a show, especially as Wonderland has been doing relatively well. So Neverland as a realm could certainly have a lot of exploration. It's a very expansive environment, so that would be very, very interesting." Would you watch a Neverland spinoff? Cast your comments below!

Valeria: Oliver and Felicity have to get together on Arrow, right? Right?!
"Oliver isn't quite sure what he feels. Like he knows he feels something for her, but he can't quite define it," Andrew Kreisberg explains. "For Felicity, she doesn't want to like Oliver in a way, because she finds him unattainable. And, in a way, he is unattainable." But he says Barry, and Felicity's flirtations with him, "has a profound impact" on the couple, that will play out over the rest of the season. Translation: Prepare for a lot more Olicity goodness.


Adam: Now that we know the season's big mystery, do you have any other The Killing scoop?
How about some mama drama? Look for Linden's mom to pop up. Yep, the woman who abandoned her as a child. The two are completely different, but she's still got the mother's intuition when it comes to Linden.

Jacqui: Cannot believe I have to wait until February for a new episode of Scandal. I don't know how I will survive. Maybe some scoop can keep me going?
Oh, we see what you did there. Well played, reader. Well played. You can expect to see Cyrus and Leo (guest star Paul Adelstein) to battle it out over Sally Langston in the new year. "Leo is already ridiculously formidable for Cyrus. It's like this guy is no joke. He is a scary, smart mercenary. He is so scary, he is so damn smart, he pisses Cyrus off, I'll tell you that," Jeff Perry teases, adding that there is "no question"  they will be duking it out for control of Sally. "Cyrus and Leo are going to be butting heads."

Jared: Obsessed is an understatement for me when it comes to Reign. I demand scoop on what's next for Mary!
Oh, just her mother Marie de Guise (played by Amy Brenneman) coming back into her life and throwing her "off-kilter," Adelaide Kane says. "Her character's kind of delicious and sort of Catherine-esque in her manipulations," she previews. "Where Catherine uses her children, she still ultimately loves them and wants their happiness. With Marie de Guise, she does use Mary, and it's questionable whether or not she's emotionally invested in Mary's emotional well-being."

Marissa: Loving this season of Bones, so I'll take anything you've got!
He's ba-a-ack! Who are we talking about? Freddie Prinze Jr., of course! Sarah Michelle Gellar's hubby is set to return to her former onscreen love David Boreanaz's show in the 14th episode when the duo works together on an old case of Danny's.

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