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Everyone's favorite game is pondering what they would do if they won the lottery, and if you go on and on about paying off debts and setting up long-term savings for your future, then you suck at this game and no one plays with you anymore probably.

But since the Mega Millions jackpot is currently up to $550 million, winning the lotto is on everyone's mind. And if you were wondering what people would do with that kind of dough, we took a rough sampling of the population (or read Twitter, if you will) to find out. Most of the ideas involved fast food, torturing celebrities and dying. Not all at once. Although, we're sure somebody out there wants to die from eating too much fast food while torturing a celeb.

Check out the big ideas people have if they win the Mega Millions jackpot. Our personal favorite is the sweet young man who wants to help out his mom….and then get high:

See, most people would spend their money in a way to ensure they'd never have to wear pants again. Or that might be just us.

You could probably find someone who would do that real cheap. No lottery necessary.

You, sir, are a big dreamer.

Since we think Taco Bell is the best fast food joint, we approve this message.

It's not that great here, save for the weather. Try another coast.

You could probably buy more than that, unless there is some super expensive collector's edition cow we don't know about.

Family first. Always.

But then she'd use her free time to post more photos like this one. Pro or con?

Combine that s--t. Imagine if The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios was run by penguins. You could make that happen, girl!

That's so silly! Mermaids don't have college degrees! You wouldn't even make it past the initial phone interview!

Nothing about living on top of McDonald's screams "peace and harmony", but to each their own.

We can't tell if this person hates Madonna or if this is some sort of fetish-type fantasy...

Then you did lottery-winning right.

What would you do if you won all that money? 

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