Homeland Season Finale Death Shocker: Find Out Which Huge Character Is Gone for Good

Find out what happened on "The Star" episode of the Showtime drama series

By Jenna Mullins Dec 16, 2013 4:16 AMTags
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SPOILER WARNING: We are about to recap Homeland's season-three finale, "The Star." If you haven't watched it yet, now would be the time to click away. Everyone else, read on!

It a question that's been on everyone's minds for the past few weeks (or past few months, for some people): How much longer can Brody (Damian Lewis) survive? Leading up to tonight's finale, viewers were split on whether or not Brody would (or should) make it out of this cluster-you-know-what. And after last week's cliffhanger ending with Brody telling Carrie (Claire Danes) to bring him home, well, needless to say, Brody's life has never been more in jeopardy. His chances of surviving were slim to none, and by the end of the hour...

Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody was no longer with us. But he died a hero. Here's what went down:

After managing to get to a safe house with Carrie, they both waited for an extraction. Unfortuantely, that's where Brody's luck ran out, and the IRG caught him and sentenced him to death as an enemy of the state.

Javadi (Shaun Toub) told Carrie this change in the mission came directly from Lockhart (Tracy Letts), who was acting under orders by the President. Javadi also said that Brody's death would only strengthen the mission overall, and poor Carrie had to watch the father of her baby hang for his crimes. Brody asked her not to come watch his execution, but of course, she was there. Where else would she be?

We then got a flashforward, and a very pregnant Carrie is asking Lockhart if Brody can get a star at the CIA's commemorative ceremony. He refuses. Carrie accepts a new position in Istanbul, but she will not be bringing her baby. Her sister and her father will be doing the parenting while Carrie is working in Instanbul. 

By the way, the mission with Brody and planting Javadi has paid off big time: the CIA now has complete access to Iran. And even though this was Saul's (Mandy Patinkin) biggest accomplishment yet and he swears he would "never" go back to the CIA, we think he might be bluffing just a bit. 

At the end of the episode, after the commemorative ceremony that honors fallen heroes was over, Carrie sneaked back to the wall with a pen to add a star for her lost love Brody.

So, R.I.P. Brody. Expected? Yes, basically. Heartbreaking? Of course. But at least he got the redemption he so desperately craved.

What did you think of Homeland's season-three finale? Will you miss Brody or did you think it was time?

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