Just call John Goodman, Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro the Three Wise Guys.

Goodman, who was hosting Saturday Night Live for the 13th! time on Dec. 14, teamed up for a humorous Christmas-themed skit with the Grudge Match stars.

The trio, riding their camels in bright tracksuits, was on their way to deliver gifts to the baby Jesus. Except, they weren't from the Far East, but "rather from the east coast, mainly Long Island and New Jersey." And the whole journey consisted of the men telling jokes and gossiping about the baby.

"Do we even know his last name, this Jesus?" Goodman asked his pals.

"Christ, I don't know," De Niro responded as the audience laughed. "But, I'm hearing things, I'm telling you this, this kid's gonna be big."

"Yeah, you know what, I hear his father's in construction," Stallone said.

"Yeah, little Joey from Nazareth. He's all grown up!" Goodman added.

De Niro admitted that he heard the baby might not be his and added, "I know a few angels. I hear things okay?"


Goodman was hilarious in drag, playing a woman who claimed her employer fired her for being too hot.

"He found my appearance too distracting, it was getting him all hot and bothered," Goodman admitted to the judge.


The cold open perfectly mocked the fake sign language translator during President Barack Obama's speech at Nelson Mandela's memorial. Kenan Thompson acted out several key words during Jay Pharoah's press conference to address concerns about his selfie and handshake with Raul Castro.  Perhaps the best moment was Thompson doing the dance moves to "Thriller" as Pharoah admitted he has not been thrilled with the rollout of the health care website. Or maybe acting as Spider-Man and shooting webs from his wrists when Pharoah referred to the web.

Other highlights include Goodman rocking some jeggings, portraying Drunk Uncle's uncle and appearing as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Musical guests Kings of Leon took the stage twice to perform their hits "Temple" and "Wait for Me."

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