Candace Cameron Bure Talks Bulimia Struggle: "That's When My Faith Kicked Up a Notch"

Now 37-year-old Full House star opens up about a darker time in her life

By Natalie Finn Dec 14, 2013 2:10 AMTags
Candace Cameron BureFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Candace Cameron Bure is hoping that her story of triumphing over tough times serves to help others who are facing their own challenges.

The former Full House star talked in a recent interview about her battle with bulimia, a struggle that began shortly after she married husband Valeri Bure at the age of 20.

"I talk about the emotional struggle that I had in dealing with just a totally new life," Bure told OMG! Insider, noting how she divulges more details in her new book, Balancing It All. "That really was the time of identifying with being an actress and that being my whole life, and then now being someone's wife and moving to a new city, a new country even."

"I turned to food for comfort and had to find a different source, 'cause clearly it wasn't a healthy way to deal with things. So that's really when my faith was kicked up a notch and sought comfort in my relationship with God—and not with food."

Bure acknowledged that it's ironic that she escaped having body-image issues, a common enough problem among teenagers (let alone teenage actresses) during her time on Full House, only to develop them later in life.

"I think I was very protected by my parents and even the producers [on the set]," she recalled. "They all had a sensitivity about it...The producers were parents themselves. I don't think any of them wanted to see that happen to one of their child or make them feel uncomfortable, that they needed to lose weight or were too heavy or anything."

"I was protected and it was never brought up," Bure, now a mother of three herself, continued. "Even the one episode of Full House where D.J. was on a crash diet for a few days...That was even sensitive, they asked me, 'would I feel comfortable doing an episode about that?'"

Sounds as though the Tanner family really was there for one another, onscreen and off.