Eminem, The Monster, Rihanna

Sexiest therapist ever?!

Rihanna and Eminem have released a preview of the upcoming music video for their hit single "The Monster" in which the Unapologetic singer plays the rapper's therapist, forcing the 8 Mile actor to face his demons.

The video opens with only the sounds of a metronome, Newton's cradle and some sort of medical device as RiRi enters the dimly lit room, dressed in a figure-hugging black dress with her hair styled in a simple black bob and blunt bangs.

She then places a DVD into the TV as Eminem sits back and watches the video, called "The Eminem Show," which sheds light on the "Lose Yourself" rapper's struggles with violence, family and addiction.

Eminem ponders in silence as he stares at violent scenes, footage of his family—including daughter Hailie as a child—and clips of himself surrounded by endless bottles of prescription pills as the word "addiction" flies across the screen (the hip-hop star sought treatment and entered rehab in 2005).

The video then cuts to two men who are armed with machine guns, standing on guard and ready to shoot outside a giant iron box

The text "The Monster" subsequently comes across the screen as the camera cuts to a creepy angle from inside the mystery crate, while a gunman points directly at...a monster? Mathers? Rihanna? Who knows?!

Guess we'll have to wait for the full video to find out!

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