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It's not often you hear about an A-list celebrity like Brad Pitt apologizing to a gossip columnist.

But that's exactly what the World War Z star did some years ago.

George Rush recalls the story in Scandal: A Manuel, his new memoir with Joanna Molloy about their days as New York's leading gossip columnists (for the record, yours truly worked as one of their reporters for their column Rush & Molly at the New York Daily News).

Rush met Pitt at a book party.

"I was introducing myself when he said, 'I know you. You're the guy who made me move,'" Rush writes. "I was baffled. He explained that when he was in town shooting The Devil's Own, he'd rented an apartment in the West Village."

Pitt claimed that a radio station said his address on the air after Rush & Molloy printed it in the newspaper.

Scandal: A Manual

Skyhorse Publishing

Pitt said, "I had guys ringing my buzzer all night, saying, 'Yo, Brad, come down and party with us.'"

Turns out it wasn't Rush & Molloy who reported his address—it was Page Six, Rush and Molly's fierce competitors at the New York Post.

Rush called Pitt's then-publicist Cindy Guagenti to let the actor know the real story.

Four months later, Pitt and Rush ran into each other at Vanity Fair's Oscar party. "[Pitt] said, 'Hey, Cindy told me that you guys didn't print my address. I wanted to apologize for what I said,'" Rush writes. "What? A celebrity was apologizing? I said, 'No problem,' and we had a nice conversation about how he'd gotten into architecture and was designing furniture. We shook hands and I thought, that Brad has class."

Scandal is full of stories about today's biggest stars (Julia Roberts, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney and more!), politicians (Bill Clinton) and moguls (Donald Trump).

Sure, I may be a little biased, but I can honestly say Scandal is the perfect holiday gift for any of your celeb-obsessed friends and family.

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