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Get ready, Psychos.

It's time to trade in The Sound of Music for the Sound of Suck It, and Doctor Who for some Doctor Whaaaat because the true television event of the seasonthe thing we've waited seven seasons foris Psych: The Musical, airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. on USA.

If you were lucky like us and got to see a screening at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we're sure you'll agree that this two-hour musical movie extravaganza is pretty much the best two-hour musical movie extravaganza it could possibly be, complete with guest stars, callbacks, cameos and one glorious man-to-man tango.

The episode follows Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) as they try to track down a playwright named Z, played by Rent's Anthony Rapp, who has escaped from the mental hospital he was placed in after allegedly trapping a critic inside a theater and then burning the theater down. In order to find Z, the two faux-detectives have to team up with a dangerous villain from Shawn's past.

Of course, this show is no stranger to song and danceit's been seven seasons, multiple music videos, and a hundred psych-outs of random singing, random dancing, and other unnecessary-but-perfect bits of musical weirdness; basically, it's about damn time for a full musical episode. In preparation for Sunday, we spent forever counting down the show's best (and very, very numerous) musical moments, from the chocolate dances to "Private Eyes" to nearly every minute of "American Duos."

So sit back, grab your pineapple kabobs and a plate of fries quatros quesos dos fritos, and enjoy our list of Psych's 20 Greatest Musical Moments, in order from "best" to "most best."

20. Christmas-themed Psych-Outs

'Tis the season, so we're starting with some of the best Christmas-themed Psych-Outs. Who wouldn't want this bunch to show up caroling outside your door?

19. I Want It That Way - Psych-Out

Because Backstreet Boys.

18. Dulé Hill tap dances - "Feet Don't Kill Me Now"

Dulé Hill is a real-life tap dancer, so it's always fun when he gets to show off his skillz. Check out the rest of the episode for some marvelous Lassie-tapping as well.

17. Eternal Flame - "Lassie Jerky"

A weird moment in an equally weird episode, this mostly makes the list because of how hard poor Gus is concentrating on the harmony.

16. Physical - Psych-out, "The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode"

Jules (Maggie Lawson) is in a leotard and Lassie's (Tim Omundson) dressed like a monkey and it doesn't matter why.


15. Twin Peaks theme song - "Dual Spires"

Of course Psych did a Twin Peaks tribute episode, complete with multiple Twin Peaks cast members and this creepy yet alluring theme song.

14. Oh Sheila, and the rest of "High Top Fade Out"

Kenan Thompson, Urkel (Jaleel White), and the day is literally saved with music in this episode. If YouTube had videos of all the singing, including "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and flashbacks of hammer-pants Gus in college, they would all make the list.

13. No Scrubs - Psych-out, "Autopsy Turvy"

She (Kirsten Nelson) sings, she dances, she's the best chief of police that television Santa Barbara has ever had, and she don't want no scrubs.

12. Shawn and Gus audition for American Duos - "American Duos"

The first time we met Shawn Spenstar and Gus T.T. Showbiz (the extra T is for extra talent) was also the time that our lives changed forever or something. In any case, we learned how to properly warm up for singing "Take On Me." Bonus: Tim Curry and Gina Gershon as judges of a patriotic singing competition. You can probably guess who they're supposed to be...

11. Maneater - Psych-out, "Let's Get Hairy"

Because who doesn't want to see Scandal's Josh Malina in a diaper and a wolf cape? No one. Or everyone.

10. Jules teaches the guys to dance - "American Duos"

We love it when Jules lets loose. Plus, legwarmers!

9. I'm Too Sexy - Psych-out, "Think Tank"

Detective Lassiter is way too sexy for his shirt, and there's no way he's disco dancing.

8. The Right Stuff - "The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2"

Shawn, Gus, and New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre. It's 25 seconds of wonderful.

7. Ebony and Ivory - Promo, 2008

Because obviously.

6. Private Eyes - Promo, 2009

Shawn with a mullet. There's little else that needs to be said here.

5. Don't You Forget About Me - Promo, 2011

Our favorite of the music video promos. It features the whole main cast playing instruments in '80s garb and Dule Hill on a rocking horse. We don't know what more you could want.

4. Suck It - "Santabarbaratown"

One of the show's many catchphrases got a bit of a musical upgrade when all Gus wanted to do was go home and have a threesome with two Toblerones and we can never say it normally again.

3. The Chocolate Dance / It's a Secret Party - "100 Clues"

The show's 100th episode, which was also a tribute to the great 1985 film version of the classic board game Clue, was incredibly weird in a sort of wonderful way, partly due to these two moments. We don't know why they exist, but for some reason these dumb little songs get stuck in our heads in such a way that we put them at No. 3 on the list because why not?

2. The Boyz II Men theme song - "High Top Fade Out," "Let's Doo-Wop It Again"

Of all of the show's glorious alternate theme songs, this one, sung a capella by one of the greatest R&B groups of all time, is clearly the best.

1. Shout - "American Duos"
Shawn & Gus perform on PSYCH! by ElectricArtists

We already covered the rest of this classic episode, but even Jules in legwarmers can't beat the final, showstopping number, featuring Shawn as his idol Curt Smith, Gus as Michael Jackson for some reason, and a fog machine. Tim Curry wasn't a fan, but we think it was pretty darn good.

Now that you're thoroughly pumped up, check out the sweet sneak peek of the episode below, and prepare your stomachs for the most delicious flavor you will probably ever experience this entire weekend.

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