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Angelina Jolie's day in court may come in the near future.

The actress has been named as a potential witness in the phone hacking trial between her former stunt double Eunice Huthart and News Corp.

Huthart, who is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with Rupert Murdoch's company, has requested that the trial be moved to California for several reasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Some of Plaintiff's potential witnesses who are involved with her and/or [Huthart's company] Pump Fitness, such as Ms. Jolie, are located in California."

Huthart first filed the suit back in June, alleging that the company's representatives hacked into her cellphone while she was filming with Jolie.

She also claimed a violation of her rights to privacy, unlawful access to stored communications and interference with her voicemails stored on her phone. 

Angelina Jolie, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

REX USA/James D. Morgan/Rex

According to court documents, Huthart says that she worked with the actress from 2004 until 2010 and even lived with the A-list actress while they were filming Mr.& Mrs. Smith.

The papers also explain that Jolie and Huthart were more than just coworkers, but in fact, really close friends.

So much so that Brad Pitt's leading lady named Huthart as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's godmother.

Huthart's main claim is that in 2005 she found that she did not receive several messages left on her phone and originally made complaints to her service provider.

Friends and family had asked why Huthart wasn't responding to their voicemails or returning calls at the time, including Jolie. The U.K. native said that Jolie "left messages concerning hotel arrangements where she was staying, code names for hotels and individuals, dinner reservations, meet up times" and more, but she never received them.

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