Jimmy Kimmel is on a mission to assist Santa Claus with his gift giving this year.

The late-night host brought back the hilarious "Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, Dec. 12.

"As you know, Santa has his hands full making toys," the comedian said. "People are questioning his ethnicity, he's overwhelmed."

Kimmel decided to take matters into his own hands by interrogating some cute kids if they have been naughty or nice this year. Kimmel also received a little help from sidekick Guillermo dressed as the "Truth Fairy."

Enter adorable 7-year-old Taylor, who looks pretty cute in her silver helmet and finger clips.

As soon as the girl asserted that she has not done anything naughty, the silver head piece buzzed and lights went off (thanks to Kimmel controlling the test).

"Well, sometimes I don't really clean up after my dog," Taylor adorably admitted. "I know Santa doesn't because one night when we visited Virginia, it was Christmas Day and I went onto my yard and I'm like, 'What is that?' It was big reindeer poop."

But Kimmel had to break the unfortunate news that it wasn't from the antlered animal.

"Santa pooped on the lawn," Kimmel said with a perfect straight face as Taylor chuckled. "He was in that sleigh for the whole night and sometimes with all the cookies that people leave him, sometimes he just has to go."

Perhaps the most endearing moment during the test was when Taylor couldn't think of the last time she has done something really nice.

"Well I'm glad you are being honest about it," Kimmel said.

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