Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! Here Are 24 Reasons Why We Love You, Plus a Couple Extra

From her awesomely awful dance moves to her cat lady ways, here is our ode to Swifty

By Jenna Mullins Dec 13, 2013 11:53 PMTags
Taylor Swift Mark Metcalfe/TAS/Getty Images for TAS

Today is a very special day. And it's not because it's Friday the 13th, although everyone should definitely be on high alert.

Today is Taylor Swift's birthday! Our little songbird is 24 today, and because she has gifted us with so many things since she came into our entertainment lives, the day celebrating her birth must be honored appropriately. We were going to send her an expensive bouquet of flowers or a life-size sculpture of Taylor made entirely of glitter-covered glitter, but those things didn't seem good enough. No, there is only way to celebrate Swifty…

With GIFs. We know, we went above and beyond. Now the cat card your mom got you looks pretty lame in comparison, right Tay?

Here are 24 reasons why we love you, Ms. Swift, one for every year you've been alive. And then a couple extra, because obviously.

1. Her dancing. Thrust them hips, girl.

2. How much she enjoys herself at awards shows and events instead of acting like a blasé celebrity. At least she's dancing and having a good time instead of throwing shade at other celebs in the near vicinity. Well…

3. OK, she does throw shade. But at least it's appropriate. Gomez-on-Bieber smooch. Gross. 

4. She can make fun of herself, even when Justin Timberlake is mocking her on a very public stage. 

5. Her songs make us feel things, like feelings. The words she writes are basically what our hearts whisper at night. It does feel like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters!

6. But seriously, no one can write a breakup song quite like Swifty. 

7. She has a sweet side.

8. And a sexy side.

9. She loves her cat Meredith so much and we've been trying to go on a cat date with them for the past year. Answer our emails, Taylor!

10. How much she adores her fans. Swifty fans are a proud army, and we are proud because we know she loves us as much as we love her.

11. Speaking of her fans, we love that even if her bodyguards tell her that she can't sign autographs, she tells them to shut up. And she does it anyway.

12. Her talent. Writing her own songs, putting on a hell of a live show, constantly trying to find new ways to develop her music…girl just does not stop. Which reminds us…

13. We also admire her work ethic. She loves what she does, and you better believe she does not stop until every aspect of her album/live show/TV cameo is perfect.

14. How much she loves her bandmates. She writes songs about them, puts them in her music videos and just generally adores them.

15. Her likeability. We just want to be best friends with her. That's all we want. Is that too much to ask, universe?! Damn. 

16. Her simple rule about boys: if you don't want to be in a bad song, don't do bad things. C'mon, we all wish we could call out a terrible or cheating ex in such a grand way.

17. She's such a dork. We love it.

18. That one time she rapped with T-Pain. And her mom was in the video. Awesome.

19. Her hair is a golden mane made of dreams. Every time she whips it around an angel gets its wings.

20. No one can rock a red lip quite like Taylor Swift can. When we do it we look like a prostitute that caters exclusively to clowns. (You're welcome for that quite old Scrubs reference). 

21. Her live shows always feature another artist she loves. Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Luke Bryan has sang with Swifty.

22. How excited she still gets over things like appearing on Saturday Night Live, winning awards or when someone she respects says something nice about her. Yes, her shocked face may irk you, but at least she's not acting bored when she wins, or heaven forbid, just not showing up anymore.

23. She's pretty much game for anything, especially when it comes to pranks. And we never get tired of watching Ellen DeGeneres scare her.

24. There is a Taylor Swift song for every mood you'll ever be in: happy, sad, angry, lovesick, hungry, bored. Some of her songs include all those emotions at once!

Bonus round!


25. How much fun we have picking out her next boyfriend. Looking at you, Zac Efron!

26. This broad is classy as f--k. 

Basically, we love you, Taylor. Happy Birthday! Now get back in the studio, because we need another album.