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Some serious stuff is going to go down on tonight's Scandal mid-season finale.

We know this because Huck and Quinn (that'd be Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes) told us that it is going to be "epic." And because that kind of thing goes down on Scandal every single week and those are just regular episodes (SPOILER ALERT! The V.P. killed her husband last week). 

So grab a bottle of wine (or two or three, no judgment here as long as you're of age), some gourmet popcorn and play along with us. Can we get drunker than Mellie on a hooch bender? As Olivia herself would say, "It's handled." 

Take A Sip:

Every time someone says B6-13.

Every time you can tell that Kerry Washington is pregnant, but is trying to hide it.

Every time Abby has a bitchy one-liner.

Every time Harrison talks too fast to understand (Can we get a transcript on that, please?)

Take Two Sips:

Every time Abby or David explicitly mention that they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Every time Sally Langston name drops the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, etc.

Every time Fitz calls himself "The Leader of the Free World."

Every time James mentions his and Cyrus' baby.

Take Three Sips:

Every time you actually see James and Cyrus' baby.

Every time you have a déjà vu flashback to Alias (Irina Derevko = Marie Walice?)

Every time you ask, "What?"

Take a Shot:

Every time you scream, "WHAT?!" (It might help you understand better.)

Every time Olivia or Fitz says "hi" to each other.

Every time Olivia or Fitz talk about jam.

Every time you yell, "QUINN! YOU'RE SO STUPID!"


Every time a character goes on an extended monologue.

Every time there's a flashback with a bad wig, drink until the normal timeline resumes.

Every time you wish you had Olivia Pope's wardrobe, apartment or endless supply of wine. Drink until the outfit, the location or the amount of vino in the glass changes.

Chug If:

There's a killer cliffhanger. Basically, just chug whatever you have left at the end.

Scandal's mid-season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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