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 "Don't wear mascara. Ice cream, bottle of wine, you'll be good."

That's what star Adelaide Kane advises fans to do in preparation of Reign's midseason finale, airing tonight on the CW.

The episode is sure to shock fans of the breakout series as Kane reveals, "Somebody will truly die." And it's" someone very close" to the young Queen.

"Mary loses a confidant, someone that she loves a lot, and that loss will definitely taint the proceedings over the next few episodes," she says, "and that's a loss in her mind and it sobers her and the rest of her girls and they become more adult and more in tune to the harsh realities of their world, and adds a lot more weight to their decisions."

And Kane admits she's not happy about the death. "It just sucks. It's the worst, it's the worst. I'm going to cry at this next episode. It's so awful. I'm not looking forward to it. I am, because there are some incredible performances in this, but I'm not because no, I don't want to see it. I get so attached to the characters and the story that it just sucks."

And impending death isn't the only drama going down in the castle after Mary learns of the prophecy that says Francis (Toby Regbo) will die if they actually get married. (And you thought not hearing back from a guy after sending him a text was rough.)

"It's a choice between duty or love, in the case that she loves this man, she loves him with all of her heart, and naturally she wants to be with him, but at the same time, she wants to save his life," Kane previews of Mary's "difficult decision" in the episode. "So does she marry him—knowing that she'll be the cause of his death—for her country, and get the man that she wants even for a short time, or does she potentially find some other option and sacrifice not only the alliance but her reputation and her country's reputation and holding the alliance, and save the man the man she loves, to save his life."

While "the last episode ended on a very ‘Frary' note," Kane says the love triangle between the couple and Bash (Torrance Coombs) is far from over.


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"Don't start counting your chickens before they've hatched, that's all I'll say. Just when it seems good for those [Francis and Mary], it all goes down the toilet and just when it's all down the toilet, it gets good for them again," she teases. "There's a lot more back and forth things coming up."

And Bash fans will be happy to hear Kane tease, "You will see it get a little bit more romantic" between Francis' half-brother and Mary.

"But the question is whether it's driven by Mary or Bash. Because is it so easy to forget your first love?" she explains. "I don't know if it is, but maybe the connection that she has with Bash is too strong. They're incredibly comfortable around each other, and that's always a warning sign. It's easy to fall for someone you feel completely comfortable with."

Reign's midseason finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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