Koda, Kindergarten Concert


So remember when this guy made up his own sign language during Nelson Mandela's memorial service? This is the opposite of that in so many ways.

Five-year-old Claire Koch has two deaf parents, so when it came time for her school's Christmas pageant, she surprised her parents by signing the song lyrics for them. Feel that heat that's spreading through your chest? That's your heart warming. Or you are on fire. Please double check both scenarios.

American Sign Language is Claire's first language, so while the rest of the class used festive hand motions to describe Santa Clause, Rudolph and dreidels, this adorable girl signed the concert so her parents could enjoy it, too. It's so cute, all those other kids fade into the background and all we want to do is watch Claire sign "Santa Is His Name-O" for the rest of the holiday season.

Watch her performance below and try not to get overwhelmed with Christmas cheer. Go on. Try it! 

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