Family Guy


All dogs go to heaven, but do they really stay there?

That's the question that we've been pondering since Family Guy shocked audiences everywhere three weeks ago when they killed off one of their most beloved characters. Brian Griffin may have been just a dog, but his abrupt death caused an outpouring of rage and disappointment amongst thousands of Family Guy fans.

On tonight's all-new episode, "The Christmas Guy," FOX's animated hit confirmed our suspicions when Stewie performed a Christmas Miracle and used his newly-mended time machine to bring Brian back to life. Did anyone else tear up during their heartfelt reunion?

Now that Brian is officially back in the land of the living, we starting thinking about all the other iconic TV rebirths that shocked our small screens over the years and how the pup's return compares to all the others.

From Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) return from the depths of hell, to Vaughn's (Michael Vartan) ridiculous return, to Once Upon a Time's failure to officially eliminate their worst character and The Vampire Diaries's countless supernatural séances, we've ranked the best and worst TV resurrections in recent history.

Take a look at our miraculous gallery below and then take to the comments to shout out your favorite TV revivals!

PHOTOS: Back From the Dead: TV's Best and Worst Resurrections!

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