Edge of Tomorrow Trailer Finds Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Live, Die, Repeat Mode—Watch!

Check out the first look at the highly anticipated sci-fi flick

By Peter Gicas Dec 11, 2013 9:24 PMTags
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Talk about a nightmare.

In the new trailer for Tom Cruise's upcoming sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow, we see the star's character caught in a killer loop. Literally.

Cruise plays Major William Cage, who finds himself fighting in the same battle over and over again during a war against alien invaders.

Oh, and dying every time.

Fortunately, he does have a bit of company. Also stuck in this hellish loop is Emily Blunt as a Special Forces warrior. With each repeated battle, though, the two are slowly able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill.

Helmed by Bourne Identity director Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow also stars Bill Paxton and Jeremy Piven. It is based on the acclaimed novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Earlier this year, Cruise appeared at Comic-Con in San Diego to promote the movie.

"The alien invasion film has now become a trope, and people understand the language of this kind of genre," he told the crowd. "And now we can really get into this kind of fun character journey."

Edge of Tomorrow is slated to hit theaters on June 6, 2014.