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"See you on QuizUp!"

That's what all the hip kids are saying now. What is QuizUp? It's a new app that is taking the place of Candy Crush as our newest iPhone game addiction. The setup is simple: It's timed trivia, and the categories include everything from Britney Spears to World War I to Harry Potter (both books and films). You can pick something general (Movie Quotes) or you can get specific with your category (Pixar Movies). You play against someone else, and the faster you answer things correctly, the more points you receive. If you lose, you can rematch your opponent. You can challenge your friends, you can win trophies…It's as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Which truthfully, just sounds awful but we didn't come up with term.

Anyway, just like Candy Crush, we fell in love instantly with this game, but now we are in the anger stage because of our addiction to it. Here are nine reasons why we are deep in a love-hate relationship with QuizUp:

1. You Think You're Smart but Then You're Not: Go ahead and try the General Knowledge category. Sure, you'll get some right, but for the most part that quiz will make you feel unknowledgeable in general.

2. Damn You, Instincts: You've read the question and know the answer immediately. The answers pop up and you go to pick, thinking it's an easy 20 points. But wait, all you saw was a word beginning with the letter "S" and you immediately tapped it. Too bad the correct answer was salami and not sopressata. Think before you tap, even if it means losing a second.

3. When You Are Clearly Playing a Robot: QuizUp tells you it's searching for a "perfect opponent," but sometimes we think they just chose a robot. Because either the person is instantly picking stupid incorrect answers (c'mon, no one is that dumb) or they are constantly beating you by one second, which is impossible as you tapped the correct answer instantly!

4. Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Don't surrender after one question! Commit. You wanted to play against someone in Nintendo Titles. Don't give up just because you got the first question wrong. On the other hand…

5. Rematch Addict: If you have been beaten 11 times in a row, stop rematching your opponent. Pride can be a terrible attribute. Face it, you need to bone up on the periodic table. Unless you keep losing by a mere two points or so. In which case, keep going until your fingertips are bleeding.

6. Double Bonus Defeat: You've gotten every question right, and you are beating your opponent by a good 10 points. Victory is yours, until the final round. The final round is double bonus points, so even though you are clearly superior to your foe, if you happen to get that question wrong and they get it right…boom. Defeat. It tastes so awful.

7. When Questions Are Wrong: You've read every Harry Potter book 19 times and could teach a class in Harry Potter history and mythology. So when you spot a question in H.P. trivia that claims an incorrect answer is the correct answer, you spend the next two minutes yelling at the game. Thankfully, QuizUp allows you to report if a question is wrong or misspelled. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, you feel like a big smarty pants for schooling a trivia game. Oliver Wood was the captain of the Quidditch team, not George Weasley. Get that weak mess outta here.

8. Do Not Disturb: Your boyfriend wants to talk about your relationship. Your mom is calling to tell you that nana got out again. Your best friend is texting because she just lost her job and needs someone to cry to. There is no time for any of those distractions right now! What part of "more points the faster you pick the right answer" do you people not understand? Yes, you may be severing ties to all these relationships, but if you lose to this homeboy from Indiana in World Flags trivia, you will literallly lose your mind.

9. Hit It and Quit It: "I tapped that! That's what I tapped! Don't tell me I tapped eight when clearly I tapped that Joey had seven sisters on Friends!" You will be saying stuff like that a lot. Technology is dumb.

Basically, QuizUp is awesome but you will get angry at it, yourself and probably anyone around you. If you want to challenge the writers of E! Loves, come find us under the screennames jtyboone and JBomb11! For your perusal, here are our favorite categories:

2000s music  
Movies: General
U.S. States
Britney Spears

Sex and the City

See you there, nerds.

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