Elektra rose from the dead to take on bad guys, so it only figures that Jennifer Garner is going to rise from bed to take on her PR duties.

The Golden Globe-nominated star had been laid up for the past two weeks after suffering nerve damage in her back while shooting a stunt for Alias, 20th Century Fox said in a statement late Wednesday. Garner was initially believed to have been suffering from a viral infection.

The injury forced the 32-year-old actress to cancel several promotional appearances, including guest-hosting the Jan. 15 edition of Saturday Night Live--in conjunction with her latest movie, Elektra--and the new season of ABC's spy series.

But Fox, the studio behind Elektra, now says that Garner is in good enough shape to attend the film's star-studded Las Vegas premiere this Saturday, an event that seemed in jeopardy only days ago.

"You can't keep a good superhero down," the studio trumpeted in a press release.

In the Daredevil spinoff Elektra, Garner continues the adventures of the back-from-the-grave female killing machine. The film is scheduled to open Jan. 14.

Two days later, Garner will be up for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Alias. Garner is also in the running for Favorite Female TV Star at this Sunday's People's Choice Awards for her work on the series.

The ABC spy drama opened up its fourth season with a much-hyped two-hour premiere Wednesday in which Garner, as CIA spy Sydney Bristow, was chased through the streets of Shanghai, seduced a criminal on a train, broke into a high-security museum in London and donned no fewer than 10 different outfits, ranging from a business-casual office duds to high-grade fetish-wear leather.

There's been no immediate word from ABC on whether Garner's injury will impact shooting on the series.

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