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Word of advice: wear yoga pants today.

Why, you may ask? Because you are going to be stuffed after reading our jampacked Spoiler Chat column, which features juicy teases on your favorite series.

Not only do we have scoop on the major deaths you can expect to go down in tonight's outing of American Horror Story: Coven and Arrow's burgeoning superhero love triangle, we've also got spoilers on what's ahead for Scandal's Huck and Quinn after that torturous last episode and Revenge's big wedding. Plus, we've also got the inside intel on True Blood's final season, Reign, Parenthood and more!

Cynthia: AHS: Coven is my addiction this season. What craziness can I expect from tonight's hour?
Don't lose your head (LOL, get it?!), but there are at least two major deaths that go down in tonight's episode. (And there are several minor ones as well.) One is pretty darn violent, while the other is hard to watch for very different reasons. Oh, and we will definitely be seeing Madame LaLaurie's body again, but don't expect to see it reunited with her head anytime soon. (Kathy Bates, you glorious woman, you.)

Sarah: What can you tell me about Huck & Quinn on Scandal!? Last episode's torture scenes were so crazy.
Right!? Rough times for Huckleberry Quinn. The two will come face to face after that whole sexual/scary torture scene ... but will it be toothless kisses and hugs? "You're going to see a little scene between them and it's pretty intense," Guillermo Diaz says. 

"Yeah, get ready for that," Katie Lowes adds. "What do you possibly say to someone whose tooth you just ripped out?" Very good question, Katie.

David B.: Hit me up with a shot of True Blood spoilers, won't you?
Prepare for cross-species relations to take the forefront of the final season as Stephen Moyer, who directed the premiere, teases, "Bill and Sam got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that's another theme that we will follow throughout the season." Oh, and that little battle that was about to go down at the bar will be "resolved" pretty quickly, Anna Paquin adds.

Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin,  Emily Bett, Arrow

The CW

Carson: Kind of loving Barry Allen with Felicity on Arrow, but I love Oliver's jealousy even more! Can we expect to see more of that in tonight's episode?
Well, Stephen Amell may disagree with you on that whole jealousy thing when it comes to Barry's feelings for Felicity. "I don't think he's particularly pleased with it, but he's also not jealous," the leading man tells us. "And he would like Felicity, and everyone in his life, to be happy, so he certainly doesn't stand in the way of any blossoming young love." That being said, we've seen tonight's episode and we can assure you that Olicity fans will be very, very happy.

Meghan: So, so excited for Revenge's big wedding, which I have been waiting months to see! What can we expect?
Oh, you just thought the shooter reveal was the only reason to tune into Revenge's midseason finale? "So many more secrets are revealed in the course of the episode that the two shots to the gut are not the only injury Emily suffers," showrunner Sunil Nayar teases. He also adds that the show's new timeslot will lead to "meatier, darker content." Gulp! But also: Yay!

Shania: OBSESSED with Reign and kind of dreading the midseason finale on Thursday. Please tell me someone isn't dying!
Sorry, but we mustn't tell lies. Yes, someone very, very close to Mary, Queen of Scots, "a confidant" to be more precise, will bite the dust during  the episode, which Adelaide Kane tells us she's dreading watching. Oh, and she highly suggests having a box of tissues and a bottle of wine on hand.

Emma: I need my Parenthood fix, please and thank you!
A baby's christening should be a peaceful and quiet event, right? Well, little Aida's is anything but as some serious drama will be doing down at the newest Braverman's baptism. Kristina and one of Adam's siblings are in a huge fight and Amber and Drew are keeping a major, major secret from Sarah.

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